pdfforge Blog

Today we again had massive performance problems on the web server for several hours. Now it is fixed in a way that sounds strange, but makes sense when you think about it.

Some facts: We had 45795291 hits on the web server (file accesses like html files, images etc) in the whole month of june. Of these 8505586 hits access the update.txt - the file PDFCreator checks if it wants to see if there is a new version. This makes more than 3 update.txt requests per second, if they were fired with a constant rate. Practically, we get up to about 50 hits per second.

We have uploaded PDFCreator 1.0.1 a few minutes ago. This happen according to our new versioning scheme. So this is a quick release fixing a few minor bugs (saving last directory and program fonts) and adding translations to the installer package.

We are happy to announce PDFCreator 1.0 after nearly 8 years of development. With this release we have concentrated to have a stable version that will run as smooth as possible. Therefore, we had to spend some time fixing some things like the IE 8 bug.

Great news to our many french speaking users: pdfforge.org is about to be translated to french. You already see the french flag in the Languages bar. It currently only changes the language of the content management system, but with the time our french translator will update the site content as well (except some parts as this blog or the forum).

In the past, the PDFCreator versioning has been more or less chaotic. As we went towards the end of the 0.9 branch, we felt that the perfect 1.0 PDFCreator still requires some features like profiles, so the steps became smaller.

Yes, it is cool to have a blog, so we will do it as well ;-)

From now on, we will inform you about new releases and developments around PDFCreator and hope that it helps you to keep track of what happens and what you may expect of PDFCreator to happen in the future.