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How some of you might have already noticed, we released an early Easter egg:

PDFCreator 2.1.1 comes with bug-fixes but also some improvements, which are listed in the changelog. The whole pdfforge team whishes you a Happy Easter and a recreative extended weekend.

Afterwards we are ready for all your questions and support-requests.

Here we go again! Besides our new “PDF Architect 3” we released a new PDFCreator Version.

We have just released PDFCreator 2.0.2 and PDFCreator Plus 2.0.2. This version fixes a few bugs that were found since the last release. Among the fixes, there were a few occasions when an exception was not caught and the application could crash. This did not cause any harm, but was annoying. Another problem was with detecting the default E-mail client. This is defined in several places and they are not documented properly. We did some analysis there and think that we have figured out now when to use Outlook and when the MAPI is preferred.

Today we are releasing our new project: HotFolder. The application watches a folder (or many of them) for printable files and automatically prints them on a PDFCreator printer you can configure. This adds even more automation to PDFCreator, as you only have to place files in a certain folder to have them converted to PDF or use the whole PDFCreator workflow, like sending out Mails, uploading the documents with FTP etc.

A few minutes ago, we have published PDFCreator 2.0.1, which fixes a few problems that were found after the release of PDFCreator 2.0. Among them was a problem that could result in empty profiles, when PDFCreator was loading the settings while another instance was closing. There was also a bug when trying to add printers with blanks in the name. Finally, we have also fixed a few minor bugs, two problems in the COM interface and clarified a few points in the manual.
We wish all of you a Merry Christmas!

Today is Cyber Monday and thus the last day of our big Black Friday Sale. Claim your 50% on PDF Architect and PDFCreator Plus (3 years plan) now - it's the last chance.

This year, “Black Friday” means not only a spectacular 50% discount on PDF Architect (more on that tomorrow) but also a new version of PDFCreator and PDFCreator Plus.
After two years of hard work and one year after the first preview, we are happy to release PDFCreator 2.0.

We are looking for two people in our office in Hamburg, Germany:

We are getting closer and closer to PDFCreator 2.0 and are proud to release PDFCreator 1.9.5 today! After the positive tests and feedbacks for the previous version (Thanks a lot!), this is our first release of the rewritten PDFCreator, that is out of beta status.

To reduce the time till 2.0, we would like to present you the following improvements:

Usually we try to publish PDFCreator and PDFCreator Plus on the same day, but this time we had a few problems. The good news are that there is now what we call offline activation. If there should be a problem and the PDFCreator Plus setup is not able to contact the license server, there is now the option to get an activation code via e-mail. Just start the Setup with the parameter /USEOFFLINELICENSE, enter your license key and you will see the request string. After sending it to us via e-mail, you will receive a response string which activates the installation.