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What's new in PDF Architect 4

Lightning Fast Load Time

After the first launch, the new Hibernate feature can further accelerate the PDF Architect startup. It will be available to your instantly.

64-bit Version

The new 64-bit version of PDF Architect opens up plugins in MS Office for Windows 64-bit users.

New Side-By-Side View

Our brand new Side-By-Side View allows you to view and work on two documents at once. You can also select the Synchronous Scrolling option to scroll both documents simultaneously.

New Redaction Feature

We know how important document security is in this day and age. With our new Redaction feature, you can permanently black out confidential/personal information from your document.

Enhanced Whiteout Tool

We have improved our Whiteout tool to better suit your needs. In addition to text and images, you can now also erase forms and annotations.

Cloud Synchronization

PDF Architect 4 supported cloud-based storages like Dropbox and OneDrive. PDF Architect 4 now supports Box and Google Drive. It is also integrated with Evernote, allowing you to send files directly from the application.

Advanced PDF Conversion

You can now preserve your electronic documents by converting them to the PDF/A format. This specialized file type is best suited for long-term document archiving.


There are many more bug fixes and improvements besides the new features and enhancements listed above.
  • You can now drag and drop files from your computer directly into the Page Preview panel. Doing so will instantly convert your selected file(s) to PDF.
  • The file properties menu now includes access to security features, fonts, and viewing options.
  • You can now set your preferred tab order when creating form fields.
  • and many more!

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