PDFCreator 2.1 and PDF Architect 3.0 released

pdfforge, the makers of PDFCreator and PDF Architect, released the long-awaited new versions of their popular software:
PDFCreator 2.1 and PDF Architect 3.0.

The newest version of PDFCreator includes a lot of small improvements in the user interface and brings more stability to the software as a whole, thanks to a few bugfixes.

Among the improvements is the implementation of support for PDF/A-1b, in addition to PDF/A-2b. PDFCreator now displays which level of PDF will be created, and it automatically detects the lowest possible level according to the settings. Also, in terms of the user interface, it now better adapts to other resolutions and screen sizes by using more floating elements that adjust the size.

In addition to the free PDFCreator, there is also PDFCreator Plus. It is a paid version of the software that introduces the “mobile app” approach to the desktop. It does not contain advertisements, it entitles users to prioritized support, and it comes with exclusive features such as the auto-updater and HotFolder. The latter is a small application that monitors a given folder for new files and automatically converts them to PDFs using PDFCreator.

As for PDF Architect, besides the regular round of fixes and improvements, it is now equipped with a new OCR Engine based on I.R.I.S.’s award-winning OCR technology. This provides better detection results, higher speed, and a greater number of options during the scan.

Also, Architect’s innovative Whiteout tool allows users to securely erase content from PDF files without leaving a trace. This can be applied to text and images to remove sensitive content before publishing or sharing the document.

The new cloud storage integration is another exciting new feature that Architect 3.0 offers. It allows users to load and save files directly from OneDrive and Dropbox, and the user interface has been adapted to the latest Microsoft Office guidelines to provide faster access to the functionality and to streamline the workflow within the application. The overall application performance was also significantly improved in many areas.

“With the release of PDFCreator 2.1 and PDF Architect 3, we are more than ever committed to improving the user experience, reliability and stability of our PDF software,” said Philip Chinery, co-founder of pdfforge. “We are very proud of what our dedicated and passionate team of developers is able to accomplish, and of the ever-growing popularity of our PDF solutions.”

Editions and Prices

PDFCreator is completely free as it is mainly funded by advertisements. PDFCreator Plus, the paid version of the software, is available in three end-user editions: 1 year (USD $4.95), 3 years (USD $11.95) and Lifetime (USD $23.95). All new updates will be included for the relative duration of the purchased edition. Old versions can always be installed, even after expiration.

In regard to PDF Architect 3.0, as itis a modular application, users can choose to purchase individual modules and simply pay for the functionality they require. The modules start at USD $9.99. The following modules are available: Create, Convert, Edit, Insert, Review, Forms, Security and OCR.

The following three packages are also available: Standard (Convert, Edit, and Insert) for USD $59.00, Professional (Convert, Edit, Insert, Review, Forms and Security) for USD $89.00 and Pro + OCR for USD $119.00.

Interested users can also try PDF Architect’s base features for free. For more information, visit http://www.pdfforge.org/pdfarchitect/download

About pdfforge

pdfforge GmbH is known for its free PDFCreator, which is installed by more than 25 million users per year. The main office is located in Hamburg, Germany, where PDFCreator is developed, tested and maintained. The company was founded back in 2009 as pdfforge GbR by Philip Chinery and Frank Heindörfer and was converted to a GmbH in 2013. In 2012, pdfforge introduced the full-featured Editor PDF Architect.